Dance ensemble


‘Panchamukhi,’ the dance ensemble, will be premiered at the Chinmaya Heritage Centre, 13th Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetpet, on January 31.

The ensemble combines various dance forms to portray the confluence of the body, mind and intellect. The Gayathri mantra is invoked to illumine and enlighten the intellect which inspires wisdom and in turn enables the individual to take control over the self.

Each of these characters – body (five elements & five senses), mind and intellect – are depicted by dance sequences choreographed using different dance styles set to specially composed music.

The concept, script and visualisation are by Anand.P. Choreography is by Madhusudhanan and music is composed by Ranjith Govind. The dancers are Asha Anand, Krishnameera, Priya Krishnadas, Reshmi Ranjith, Madhusudhanan, Renjith Babu, Shafeeq and C.A.Joy.